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Hunters Point LOTTERY - Join the Conversation

Hunters Point LOTTERY – Join the Conversation

Get in the conversation now! Applications for the Hunters Point South Lottery began on 15th October 2014 and will continue until 15th December 2014. Whether you are thinkng of applying, have applied for any of these rentals, or just have an interest, join the discussions in our online Hunters Point South social group to learn more and to share information with others.

Group Activity


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            jayhey,,,,, intrested in getting into this lottery…… can anyone help, email, phone number, address something….


              Kc Although I applied two years ago. I’m just receiving an official letter this past week. I thought the apartments were full. Has anyone else received a notification


                DTroTUpdate – Offered/Accepted an apartment. Dropping off my deposit on Saturday!!!


                  DTroTAs of today, my application is being sent for final approval and I expect to be officially offered an apartment by end of week.


                    DTroTHad my interview on Saturday. I’m one of the last 2 applicants – there are only two 2-bedrooms apts remaining. One is still under construction and the other is currently being used as part of the leasing office and will be converted by Dec.


                      DTroTI received a congratulation letter yesterday that said I needed submit my paperwork within 48 hours (which I did). I now have an interview for tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised that they were still working through the lottery!


                        LICgal19Anyone know what number they are up to? I still haven’t heard a word about an interview.


                          liz27hola johana123 disculpa la pregunta pero yo recivi un email enenero con la onfirmacion q habian recivido mi aplicacion. no he vuelto a recivir nada de casualidad sabes si ya pararon de llamar a las persona


                            Johana123johana : hola les comparto k yo me sali favorecida en la loteria ya tuve la primer entrevista en febrero y hace 2 semanas me llego por correo una carta informandomen k estoy en lista de espera no se que significa esto si alguin me puede informar


                              sarahtreskoAnyone signed the lease for Commons building or know when the move-ins will start, at least for the lower floors? So far, the Crossings building is the only one being occupied.


                                That GuyI hear people have started moving into the Crossing building. Does anyone know what floors they are?

                                I’m not moving in until August, but would really like to be able to use the roof deck to view the July 4th fireworks!


                                • ChrisDo you know what number they are up to or if they are still interviewing?5/23/2015

                                ChrisI’m not too sure how this lottery works so I was wondering, if you have received an email saying you are in the lottery, does that mean you will definitely get called for an interview? Thank you.


                                  cmszunigaI received the interview letter on April 3rd and have left 3 messages and an email and they still haven’t called me back. It said my interview has to take place by the 15th and that’s tomorrow yet I can’t get in touch with anyone :/


                                  • ChrisDid anyone call you back yet?

                                  joslynndTo the ones who got their letters CONGRATULATIONS!! I am curious if you were advised when is the soonest date you will be able to move in? I was there this weekend and it looks like there is still a bit of construction to be done on both bldgs.


                                  • dw2015Hi Joslynn — if I remember correctly, the earliest move in dates are in May. That is for Crossing, not Commons. Move in date is dependent on where your apartment is. Lower floors = sooner move-in date, higher floors = later. We on a high floor in crossing and will be moving in in September.4/15/2015

                                  • joslynndThat is good info to know! Thanks so much for responding dw2015 and congratulations. 4/16/2015

                                  • PeterGHey dw2015, if you don’t mind sharing, did they give you the option of choosing a higher floor or did they assign you an apartment and it happened to be on a high floor? 4/22/2015