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Gantry Park offers visitors amazing views of the New York Skyline

Posted on 4/17/2016 by New Yorker  

Gantry Plaza State Park, also affectionately called Gantry Park, is a waterfront park located in Hunter’s Point, Long Island City, New York. It offers visitors the most amazing views of the New York skyline. Though small in size, Gantry Park is one of America’s most uniquely beautiful urban parks. Along with Hunter’s Point South Park which is also located on the LIC waterfront and is just a quick ride across the Queensboro Bridge and through Queens Plaza, Gantry Park is considered by many to be one of the best parks in New York to get an unobstructed panoramic view of the skyline. The park itself sits on the banks of the East River directly facing the magnificent New York skyline, just a stone’s throw away from the United Nations.





The view of the skyline from Gantry Park is not just spectacular, it is also completely unobstructed. As you look out from the park,  many of the world’s tallest buildings appear before your very eyes, standing elegantly as if framed by the heavens above, the river below, and the periphery of your vision on either side.




Equally amazing about the view from Gantry Park is that it never seems to disappoint regardless of the time of day. On mornings, as the sun rises over the city, the skyscrapers often spring to life with a golden reflection of sunlight. On evenings, as the sun goes down, the sunset flirts with the skyline to render a picturesque setting of urbanity and nature.  In the night, as the lights of the city are turned on, this charming New York park combines with the skyline to help create a romantic atmosphere under the New York moonlight.

Gantry Park is also a photographer’s dream, with some of the best spots in New York for taking great photos with the skyline in the background.  Inexplicably, on arrival at the park, the beautiful scenery seems to kindle a desire within you to either model for the cameras or take photos of those around you. Interestingly, the compulsion is not just limited to just the amateur photographer, but extends to professionals as this unique park has now become the perfect set for wedding, photo and film shoots with new movies and television shows being shot almost every week even as you stroll through the park.

Gantry Park itself is an oasis of tranquility.  The park welcomes you at Gantry Plaza with four gigantic gantries reminding you of LIC’s industrial past.  Beyond the gantries you will find four gorgeous piers, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll above the East River.  The park is also replete with benches, chairs and even summer hammocks for those who would prefer to sit and surrender to its hypnotic ambiance.

In addition to the amazing skyline views, the great photographic opportunities, and incredible ambiance, the Gantry Park area also boasts many great restaurants and bars.

Indeed, there are many great parks in New York City, but there are very few like Gantry Plaza State Park that offer spectacular, beautiful and unobstructed views of the New York skyline, a great location for taking your best New York photos, and a unique opportunity to enjoy  an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York. It is what makes it very unique and sets it apart as one of the most amazing parks in New York City.