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Frequently Asked Questions

Bathrooms and Barbecue in the park?


Me and my wife are heading a Sunday program for a group of kids that have ill siblings mainly cancer. we would like to take the kids to the park this Sunday. It’s about 40 kids ages ranging from 7-13. 2 questions.

Is there bathrooms? if so where is it located? I couldn’t find it when I was there last week.

Is there a place to barbecue? if not where can they sit down for a snack?

Thanks in advanced for your help.
Joel Hollender
asked 5/22/2014
New Yorker6
edited 5/22/2014
New Yorker6

1 Answer

Hi Joel,

Great place to bring the kids, however, there is no place to Barbecue in the park, but there are several benches where the kids can sit for a snack.  I can suggest the area near the ferry just to the right of the new restaurant LIC Landing. There are several benches in that area for public use and this would not only accomodate 40 kids but would also be a great location for the kids to enjoy the view and to have fun. I have highlighted the area that I am suggesting as well as the location of the restrooms on the attached map. Good luck with the visit and let us know if there is any other way we can assist.


answered 5/22/2014 New Yorker 6
edited 5/22/2014
New Yorker6

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