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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers Must Be Trained Before Teaching?

The above discussion makes it crystal clear that our teacher’s training system must immediately start preparing teachers on effectively teaching emotional intelligence skills to children. Many universities and colleges in advanced countries have already introduced very useful courses for teachers in this regard, but it is however a think to be considered by planners of teachers training curriculum to ensure designing courses.


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asked 1 month ago
Sarah Taylor3

3 Answers

Yes teachers should be trained before they teach you know, i read why that is important on and trust me its kindda important that they have some training to habdle the kids or else what would be the point of them being teachers, right?
answered 4 days ago Connie Farris 2
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answered 1 week ago olivia crew 2

While a youngster advancement degree may be exceptionally valuable in a few positions, (for example, custom curriculum), making it a necessity for general instructing positions would simply bring about dismissing exceedingly qualified instructors. In secondary school particularly, do my homework online, it’s more essential to have educators who are enthusiastic and learned about their subjects.

answered 1 month ago Macey Kamryn 2

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