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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

flag posts

Flagging a post is a way of brining inappropriate content to the attention of the community. When a post is flagged a certain number of times, it no longer will display in the list of questions or answers on the site.

When should I flag?

If question or answer makes you feel uncomfortable please flag it and bring it to our attention! If a post is a duplicate, you should flag it too (you may wish to reference the original question by editing the post or adding a comment).

How do I flag?

Once logged in, you can flag posts by clicking the ‘flag’ link next to any question or answer once you have achieved this privilege level. This link will also show the number of times user’s have flagged the individual post.

What happens on flagging?

Once a question has been flagged a certain number of times (3), it will no longer be displayed on the ‘home’ view of questions. Once it reaches 6 times, the question will no longer be displayed anywhere in the module (as if it were deleted). At this time, the post author will loose some reputation points too.

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