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Official documents outlining the Hunters Point South development project.
 Title   Type 
Subcommittee5 presentation march 18 File
Subcommittee 4 PRESENTATION 9 10 File
HuntersPointSouthPublicHearing File
SitePlanDraft Sept07 File
HPS2 05 Open Space File
HPS2 Inside Cover File
HPS2 Foreword File
HPS2 Cover File
Hunters Point South Landuse Committee Nov 19 09 File
HPS2 26 Growth Inducing File
HPS2 25 Irreversible File
HPS2 27 Comments and Responses File
HPS2 23 Unavoidable File
HPS2 24 Alternatives File
HPS2 22 Mitigation File
HPS2 21 Public Health File
HPS2 20 Construction File
HPS2 19 Noise File
HPS2 18 Air Quality File
HPS2 17 Transit and Pedestrians File
HPS2 15 Energy File
HPS2 14 Solid Waste File
HPS2 13 Infrastructure File
HPS2 12 Waterfront Revitalization File
HPS2 16 Traffic and Parking File
HPS2 11 Natural Resources File
HPS2 10 Hazmat File
HPS2 09 Neighborhood Character File
HPS2 08 Urban Design File
HPS2 07 Historic File
HPS2 04 Community Facilities File
HPS2 03 Socioeconomic Conditions File
HPS2 02 Land Use File
HPS2 01 Project Description File
HPS2 00 Executive Summary File
HPS2 06 Shadows File
hps hps presentation File
HPS Oct Nov 10 Update File
HPS July Update File
HPS Dec 10 Jan 11 Update File
HPS AugSep update File
HPS Presentation File
HPS Subcommittee Meeting 3 August 16 2007 Preliminary Plan File
HPS Subcommittee Meeting 2 July 17 2007 Planning Charette File
HPS Feb Mar 11 Update File
HPS Subcommittee Meeting 1 June 12 2007 Introduction Ideas File
HPS-High-School-Site-Plan.pdf File
Hunters Point South High School Site Plan File