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About the Conservancy

About the Conservancy

Hunter’s Point Parks Conservancy


Executive Officers

Bill Bylewski

Vice President
Mark Christie

Jennie Nyulasi

Paul Mallery

Committee Chairs

Mission, Vision, Goals
Mark Christie

Events & Programming
Rob Basch

Public Relations &

Tyler Vaughan

Development, Fundraising & Finance
Christian Amez

Organizational Structure
Cindy Van Houton

Street Trees and Green Spaces
Cindy Van Houton

Don Dodelson



In 1998, a group of concerned residents in the beautiful and growing Hunters Point community, started the Friends of Gantry Neighborhood Parks. Our goal was to ensure that our community’s parks, trees, and natural areas were well cared for.

Since those early years, we have grown tremendously, in similar fashion as the rest of Long Island City. Then, as the Hunter’s Point village received millions in develeopment funding from the city and state, the Hunters Point South Park was introduced, and with the help of the Mayor’s office, the Parks Department, and our local representatives, the park was able to officially open to the public in August of 2013. With
a new city park, and ten-folds as many more residents and housing units propping up in the area, the Friends of Gantry knew it was time to expand its mission, vision, and goals, to incorporate these new interests. This expansion developed into the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy.

Our new mission is to enrich the quality of life in Hunters Point, Queens, by preserving and enhancing
its parks, green spaces, and waterfront, in partnership with the community. Our goals include organizing and supporting special events and activities in the parks, enhancing artistic, play and recreational opportunities, monitoring potential problems in the area, and educating the community about the environmental concerns of the waterfront in Hunters Point. What began as a small circle of concerned friends, has now ballooned into a group synonymous with the maintanence, improvement and expansion of the Hunters Point village.